is a portal where advertisements are sold, from single page to magazine, to publishers.

Anyone can read the details of this offer by visiting the homepage, but only through access, with credentials that can be requested from the administrator or received from the network of agents used in the presentation of the product, you can take advantage of a variety of services.

Once authenticated, you can access the list of specials from the main page, download the catalog and the table of contents.

You can search for specials by combining filters (category, recommended time, advertisers) and alternatively from the search bar. The keyword you entered will be compared with the title, subtitling, tags, and categories.

The single page contains the headline image, a description, the associated categories, the recommended advertisers, the associated rudders by output, and finally some downloadable pdf files about the special one.

For each rudder you can download its pdf or excel file; In addition, the pdf files of some sample pages and the relevant technical sheet are attached to the special one: the latter, in addition to the simple download, can be added to a cart and then downloaded later together with others in a single zip file .

Like the cart feature, specials can be added to a share list from which a link is generated, which can be mailed, allowing anyone who uses it to view shared shared features.

Both the cart and the share list are subject to daily limits, which can be disabled by the administrators, beyond which the service can no longer be used for the established time limit.

There is a possibility to create a “survey user” that can only browse the list of specials and vote for them: this option is useful for companies that want to conduct a market research on specials that, at the end of a predetermined period, have been voted more, to proceed to a potential purchase.

From the admin panel you can manage the various components of the portal: from categories and advertisers, creating new or editing, rudders and specials with the ability to attach various files and images.

In addition, there is a section to administer user and company accounts: the portal can be customized for a specific company by entering the logos of the latter and enabling this feature to users connected to it.

Finally there is a log of operations where all the special visits, downloads and errors found are visible.
With this tool, in addition to fixing site errors faster, the administrator can also get useful information such as user searches (for example, if searching for a non-resultable keyword is common in the operations log, may think of creating a special one).